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I Call the Shots!

Doggie Days at Picture Project CLT Selfie Museum


Do you want an easy way to plan a day out with your dog, include some of your best friends, have a lot of fun and get some great photos in the process? Plan a visit to the Picture Project CLT Selfie Museum on Doggie Day!

Doggie Days are hosted one Sunday of each month (check our Upcoming Events page for the next scheduled date).


Step 1: Purchase general admission and/or kids tickets for each person visiting Picture Project CLT.

Note: 1 ticket = entry for 1 person.

EVERYONE [ages 3+] entering Picture Project CLT is required to have a ticket for their specified session date and time.

Step 2: Add on a “Doggie Bestie Pass” to your ticket purchase.

Note: 1 dog per person allowed. There will be up to 10 dogs in each dog day session.

Step 3: Pick your date (if you’ve added a Doggie pass to your cart, you’ll only be able to select a scheduled Doggie Bestie Day Sunday date) and time slot for your visit.

Step 4: Come have a blast, snap all the photos you want or add on a professional photography package! Remember, when added to your ticket order, image packages are discounted!

Book your tickets today and see you and your Doggie Bestie soon!